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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Roofers and Travel Agencies: Don't Use

We roofers travel a lot. We have trips sponsored by wholesalers, as ABC-Bradco just sent my girlfriend and I to Costa Rica for a week, manufacturers, as in the GAF Master Elite conference last year in Salt Lake City, and the NRCA and Texas Roofing Contractors Assoc. annual conventions. Then there are training seminars and out of town offices. I mean we spend thousands and thousands are spent on us. So a good travel agent or discount program is very important. I've used Susan McCarley at MK Tavel and had great results. For quick trips we've used with great success but one company put the screws to us and I'm going to tell the story.

I had to rush to Houston so I asked one of my secretaries to book me a room in Kemak Boardwalk area and she went to She picked a room she thought was just a short distance from there not knowing how bad traffic can be in Houston. She even got the insurance. What a waste. It covers almost nothing.When she told me where she had booked the room I had her cancel within ten minutes or less from the time she set the reservation. When Hot Wire refused to refund the money I had to beg to talk to a supervisor. Finally I got to a gal who said she would check it out and get back with me. Never got another response and never got my money back. I had told her that I would let everyone know what had happened. She didn't care. Thus the measly $309.06 I lost to will cost them tens of thousands of dollars from me and if GAF, Certainteed, Owens Corning, Mastic and Plygym, Angie's List, ABC-Bradco Supply, Southern Shingles, The Roofing Supply Group, Gulf Eagle Supply, Lansing Building Products, Shelter Distribution, Norandex, Southwest Roofing Supply ( a division of Huttig), Versico/Carlisle, Bitec and many others who listen what I have to say here. They probably will avoid too. Also a lot of roofing companies read this blog as well as people with roofing questions. Readership is in the thousands every month and many of those are executives.

Plain and simple: no service was offered, a button was mistakenly pushed and the mistake was corrected immediately. These people are crooks and do not respond as they said they would. But what do you expect from thieves? The truth?

All of these organizations spend anywhere from $100,000.00 to a couple of million a year on travel as well as have tens of thousands employees among them who will here of this. We could be talking about possibly hundreds of thousands of travel dollars over the next few years. I always say "to vote at the cash register." If you don't spread the word your friends might get victimized too.

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