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Friday, December 4, 2009

How Roofs Affect Everybody and Everything

This is not a blog. This is a forum. The mission is the betterment of the roofing industry for the sake of the consumer at the end of the chain of custody, if you don't count the landfill. Our goal is to help in the selection of roofing systems that better the property and it's owners.

Better built roofs, accessories, warranties, and energy/longevity selections are the criteria that our journey will travel. Here we hope to help save money, the  environment, the aesthetics, and the health of the end users of our services as an industry in general. Realtors, remodelors, builders, architects, doctors, children, manufacturers, distributors and even our government could learn from the experts this forum will parlay with weekly. Then there are the framers, plumbers, electricians, masons, insulation contractors, painters and sheet rockers who bump elbows with the roofers and sometimes have to fix their mistakes. Finally there is your family that depends on the roof in more ways than waterproofing. So here's to the roof over your head, the hero or villain in your life.

After having been a roofing contractor for over thirty years and an installer for many years before and after the start of the business, I've learned much and met many knowledgeable people. I want to make your roof system work for you and not against you as an unforeseen money pit robs you of your money and health. Lastly, the weather extremes being so intense here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, a great roof system from a great roofing company is very important.

December 4th, 2009.
Jon Wright Roofing Dallas

I've come back to revist my first proffering and have determined that I have kept on mission about 90% in the quantity of posts and 75% in the content. If I were to write solely about roofing then I'd be very boring. I've heard that around Dallas roofers are reading this roof forum/blog and learning. Maybe Dallas roof quality will rise. I've intentionally offended a few scoundrels and will continue to tell the truth without exception. Beware the Google comment section because Sharp Exteriors, Vertical Roofing, Eclat (the worst by volume), and a few others self post or hire outsiders as is the case with Eclat. How can someone buy roofs and other services in more than a dozen states and various countries and how can one contractor have so many referrals that make so many comments all over the place. On Eclat just follow the commenters name backwards and see how many they do. From Ontario, to California, to Dallas, to Florida Eclat's commentators comment on businesses. On Vertical I personally know that they released a website claiming to be members of everything when they weren't, to make false claims about roof jobs done when none were done, and to self post comments.
Sharp, he's the king rat. He has stolen from everyone he can. All his self generated comments were made in one week and then he tired of it. If he tells you something rest assured it's a lie.
Go to Complaints Board and see how his brother-in-law was claiming he owned the company in order to keep the litigators from grabbing his assets. Now he has it back but the Bill Hammond guy won't let go. No honor amongst how?
Go to the Boardhost and see the growing list of victims.
There's a lot of good roofers in Dallas but there are a lot of shysters too. Do your homework thoroughly. Ask for credit references and old customers that aren't relatives. Check on Google with the roofer's name and adjunct words like complaint, crook, criminal, lawsuit, alien, communist, arugula, or whatever makes your bing bang.

17 October 2010

We had to change the address of the blog because someone squatted on the domain. 7/17/2012


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Curious about what other professionals think about your work and knowlege of ventilation?

Unknown said...

Particularly interested in "help to save money, environment ...". What about an article on solutions for roof thermal insulation of existing houses?