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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When a Roofer Knocks on Your Door

When that storm trooper knocks and needs an answer now, the answer should be "NO!" There is no urgency and there is a tomorrow. Otherwise, don't open the door. The roofing companies in Dallas and Fort Worth will keep on knocking no matter what you do when there is a hail storm.

So what if prices are going up? The insurance companies have adjusters who do just that: adjust numbers. They almost never get it right the first time and they will change the numbers when a proven professional contacts them with the proper documentation. That's why its called a "settlement". That's why adjusters are constantly adjusting numbers.

So what if they are going to get real busy? You have up to two years to get the work done, in most cases, and there are always extensions available from the insurance company. Besides it might hail again and you can only change your roof so many times before your decking is frayed.

So what if you might have a leak or your skylight is broken? Your insurance company will cover the full cost of temporary repairs but they won't cover damage from faulty workmanship.

Do your homework. Select the proper roof system for your home irregardless of what you have on there now. Just because you have a 20 year three tab doesn't mean that you need to worry about buying another cheap roof because that will cost you a lot of money, of course, unless you plan to dump the property on some innocent soul in the near future. As I reiterate through "The Roof Forum", a roof can save you money on premiums, energy consumption, HVAC repairs, health, sanity and resale. The proper ventilation; the wind considerations for nailing patterns, felt options, starter, and weight; class IV UL 2218 impact resistance rating for premium discounts; warranty length and enhancements can add up to beaucoup money.

If you don't want to replace your roof when you sell your home in ten years, have an uncomfortable and energy INefficient home for your time incarcerated there, repair or replace your HVAC any sooner than necessary, have sick asthmatic kids, replace your insulation, have radon gas in your home, have carbon monoxide poisoning, paint your house more often, replace your roof deck, have roofing blowing off, and whatever else I have forgotten, like divorce, don't select a roofer on your front porch. Ask friends and coworkers. Look at manufacturer sites. Study. Familiarize yourself with the products and the companies. Options, options, options... People in a hurry can't do this and the ones hurrying you don't want you to do this. Sleep on it for a couple of weeks or months.

If you want to decide so that the other homeless roofers will stop knocking on your door (as if a yard sign will be like garlic to Dracula) you are mistaken. When you sign up with Nosferatu his minions will continue to pester you. Dracula may be in your home right now. And if you don't want to go through this again, buy a stone coated steel roof and be done with it.

By the way, Harbor Freight Tools sells tarps real cheap. They might be better than the cheap roof you have thrown on your home in a haste. Just be careful. There are plenty of good roofers out there. The guy knocking on your door is probably not one of them. He probably has no ideas of what I'm talking about, the blood sucker. Just remember to take a deep breath, wait a few moments, and them put up that no soliciting sign and hope the night demons can read English and have respect for our laws. The roofing companies in Dallas and Fort Worth will keep on knocking no matter what you do when there is a hail storm. So why not get a permanent steel roof... or a gun?

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