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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Roof Forum Itself

This site has been referred to as a news, informational, resource, comedic, rant, expose', and garbage site. Thank you all for your agreements and disagreements.

The fist posting was December 4, 2009 and in May, 2009 Google started tracking hits. Since May 2009 The Roof Forum has had over 40,000 hits. I have not monetized it and write strictly to either educate, inform, rant, or joke. We have received some business from the Forum and well as made the job more difficult for other roofers out there that don't know or don't try to follow the best practices. And believe you me, that in my 32 years as a roofing contractor the industry has always been in a sorry state. My God, how could anyone ever justify the usage of a term like "reusing the felt?" That just doesn't compute. Would you say "reuse the cigarette? Reuse the glass of milk? The gasoline? Thieving jerks or just don't know better?

Hopefully some people have learned from my experience because when you've done this as long as I have to tend to pick up some experience.

This is just a thank you for reading. I promise to try to be be more serious, funny, angry, and informative for the next 40,000 visitors. 

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Anonymous said...

what makes a roofer think he can sit behind a desk and enjoy the fruits while putting other roofers down, calling them "Carpet Baggers" when he is so wrapped up in himself, he can't see the showers for the rain?