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Saturday, November 19, 2011

George Harrison's Roof. Ten Years Gone: 29 November 2001

25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001. Those were the years George Harrison was on this rock and did he roll. the song 'While My guitar Gently Weeps" makes me do just that even those his doesn't anymore except on you tube and some of those fancy devices ya'll have that will be obsolete by next week.
now here is his roof, if you wondered what was going on:
 Now why would he do this to the poor roofers.  Look at it. high enough to be a widowmaker and complicated enough to be a head buster (Spanish for puzzle:rompe cabeza).
Now here's a more friendly roof that George built:
Now let's take a look at the first monstrosity from above:

Notice that the roof looks so tall but this is just a mirage. The steep slopes hide the flat roof above keeping costs down in many ways. Less material and labor is needed to build the home. Less time is needed because there is less work making those bankers mad, or happy, or who knows what these days. Also those real expensive materials you can see, like imported Italian tile, which aren't any better than those made in Chicago, are not in is great a demand.
So when you get your first hit album you too can build a mansion that looks more expensive than it really is.

George has been dead for ten years now and very few of us ever call him our favorite Beatle. just listen to one of my favorites and reminiscence; 

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