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Monday, December 26, 2011

Fake Roofing Companies

google has a policy that the location or map page of a business must be a legitimate place of business. I assume, because I'm that way, that Yahoo, Bing and the others do to. years ago it was okay and I went to a seminar that showed us how to just put a comma in the address line with the city hall zip code of the city you wanted to optimize in. I thought it was okay but looking back it was deceptive.

The thought police that run these search engines have done a good job of writing rules that stop people from committing these practices. I learned my lesson. I paid dearly as did a computer geek friend, Half Price Geeks, did. He put white letters over a white background that the all seeing spiders could see but mere mortals could not. "So why did I land here in this cyberspace location?" manipulation.

The mantra today is transparency and honesty. But it ain't happen' baby. Follow this:

First go to yahoo and google, er I mean yahoo, the words "Irving Roofer."
 The first address doesn't even exist. Some other locations use zip codes for Irving I didn't know existed. They are post office box zip codes.

Now go back to Google and try the same. do a little digging and put some of the address in the search bar with the word FedEx attached. Ah ha! A postal or mailbox center. No office there. At least three that come up in Google Maps are not there. Where are they? Their websites don't have physical addresses on them either.

Now go dig around their online comments. Notice anything strange? Rhythmic comments with the same writing styles, adjectives, and punctuation errors. maybe there were six comments in a week, twice, but not in between. Coincidence? How about the fact that the commenter has only made one comment in their online history. Dig back. Look.

These skills will help you find people who are willing to falsify comments that make them look good. Maybe you can find that nothing exists about them a year ago, including BBB recognition. That is why Angie's List is growing. Her success is so great that not only will there be copycats, there will be attempts to scam her site too. they do a pretty good job but if you build it, they will come. Every time.

So do your research. dig, snoop, and listen. Why not just call them and ask where their office is. That's pretty easy. That way before you sign away thousands of dollars in commitments, you can go see them. I would.

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charlotte roofer said...

And let us not forget the maliciousness of Roofers or their SEO people who alter your existing places listing to steal your spot. I have had this happen several times and it is rather annoying. I can't understand why Google would let anyone edit a places listing other than the business owner of that listing? Oh by the way my listings are owner verified.

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