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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Electricity Rate Hikes, Efficient roofs and Attics, Solar Energy

Deja Vu all over again. Last week I heard that Texas has approved an electricity rate increase of up to 25%. Also in the news were reports that if we have a really hot summer that there will be rolling blackouts. You must prepare for this now by one of several means:
Increase your ventilation to meet the manufacturer and building code requirements of balanced ventilation. A few roofers know the math and the way to design the fluid dynamic flow of a Venturi tube attic ventilation system. (Refer to other blogs here about ventilation or go to Ehow and read my discourse on ventilation.)
Install moe insulation but do not block off your intake vents.
Install either radiant barrier decking or high emissivity Energy Star roofing.
Install solar panels or solar shingles. We have both.
Hire a marriage counselor or, if you wait, a divorce attorney.

No matter what, you risk living in a hot home with sweaty sheets all night long. People die from this. Don't say I didn't warn you. The first three methods will reduce your energy costs but the forth one might save your life and/or family.

If you buy a solar energy system and you sell excess back onto the grid, so called net metering, the system shuts down during power outages. The electric companies don't want you to electrocute their employees and they don't want you to have electricity when your neighbors don't. They might kill you. Put down the gun.

This is a real possibility and will happen to some of us sooner or later. If we all work together by being prudent then we'll improve our odds. So quit being greedy and raise the thermostat from 72 to 78 and turn on a fan. Otherwise we might all face hell.

The Spanish word for summer is invierno but the word for hell is infierno. No hay quatro estaciones del clima aqui' en Texas. Son dos: invierno y infierno,

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