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Monday, November 19, 2012

GAF Theft and Home Depot

Now get this: why is it that a disproportional amount of GAF roofing materials are stolen from job sites? These shingles grow legs faster than a walking catfish or mudskipper. Let''s say GAF is 60% of the market, then why does it seem that GAF composes 95% of the theft? The answer is Home Depot.

Home Depot does not require a receipt for returns but Lowes does.  So does every other responsible retailer. Home Depot sells GAF and Lowes sells Owens Corning. We've called both and verified this after other roofing contractors told me about the "no receipt rule" at Home Depot. This info was disclosed when we were discussing the theft of GAF Timberline from their jobs and one from the contractors own home. The Certainteed rep says the GAF are stolen because they weigh less. According to one supplier, who weighed the shingles, the Timberlines from Home Depot weigh less than the ones he sells. I will not tell you who told me this because he no wanna problemos but the difference was considerable. I will conduct an inquiry myself and let you know. If anyone else has first hand data please let me know.

Do you think Home Depot cares if roofing contractors lose money, being that Home Depot is also a roofing contractor? They don't give cash, they give store credits. That is like making a sale. They get the profit on the back end like a pawn shop, a fence, an alley dealer. That may be a little rough but they are not acting like responsible members of the community. Those stolen shingle cause people hardship, drive up the cost of roofing, and run businesses out of business.

I personally find it unethical to receive materials back without a receipt and then make money with a captive customer with a store voucher. Profit is made by the mark up on the voucher purchases. The local police probably don't like it any better than I do.

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Houston Roofing said...

HI Jon. I like the post, if I'm not mistaken, Lowes takes items back as well without a receipt don't they? Anyhow, we avoid buying shingles that are carried at the big box stores. Certainteed is how we do it.

Alex Stephen said...

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