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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Does Masonry Have To Do With Roofs?

Walls made of masonry, chimneys and window ledges all can effect your home in a way that makes you think it is the roof. Water erosion of non sloping ledges beneath windows, walls not properly counterflashed, and chimneys so spald that a finger could demolish it.

Roofers lift up counterflashing and it cannot be returned to its original position due to the memory of the metal. You'd have to push the metal counterflashing back past the wall, which you can't, to get it to lay flush.

Besides you put on copper roofing or slate and the roofer never heard of the Nobility of Metals. so your galvanized counterflashing has started a battery on the roof with the exchange of material on a subatomic level that only young children can see.

Someone forgets to water the yard or the roots of that long gone Elm tree rot away and the foundation moves. Brick and mortar is not nearly as flexible as members of Congress, so the wall cracks and rain and bugs enter.

Blame it on the roofer. He could have told you about it but it happened later or he didn't get on the roof.

As part of any home maintenance program, property owners should walk around their home and survey the exterior. Hard to do when phydeaux had pooped everywhere and your teenage son hasn't done his job. But do look up. Look around. Gutters full? Draining? Shrubs holding up the gutters? The wall cracked? Bricks falling of the top of the chimney? Little pieces of brick all over the roof?

If you handle it early you can save tens of thousands. If you wait, we'll make some money.

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Anonymous said...

I have a strange problem with my fiberglass shingles. Something has eaten away everything but the fiberglass mesh that holds the shingle together. The areas I'm speaking of are in a tear drop shape. I can send pictures if you are interested. Can you tell me what causes this?

Unknown said...

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