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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Determine the Grade or quality of Your Laminated Shingle (almost a rant)

In the past it was rather easy to find out which of the three grades of laminated roofing was on a home, excluding other types like Class IV or Energy Star. We used a receipt or just looked at them. This was a time when adjusters were not blind. The Rage Virus effects vision terribly. See how their eyes look, going side to side while dripping blood.

Then came the Haag Gauge. It didn't measure calories in ice cream or compare it to other flavors, but was more of a caliper like we use to measure metal thickness. But the effected ones would cram it into place, knocking off gravel and contorting the asphalt, all the while howling fraud. now mind you, this seems to effect only the newest adjusters as the more experienced ones have been vaccinated.

Phase three was calling the inept counter clerks at a big box and asking them if 40 year still existed. There is a skew in the computer, therefore they must exist. If an honest inside adjuster was willing to be put on hold for an hour plus she would find out that the temp worker was oblivious and had never lived in the roofing world.

Level four was to call roofing distributors. With incompetent order takers who had only been there a couple of years (temps too) who had never heard of "The Great Shingle Regrade of 2001," using their ramblings as proof would be akin to using them as doctoral linguists on 'The Defenestration of Prague" when trying to use that bizarre word in a sentence. Well, thee adjusters who did this need to experience defenestration themselves.

Cinco: Then the lying began. "I measured it. It's a thirty year all day long!"

Six, pick up sticks:Later came the fake lab report. Intel backs up Farmers continually calling 40 years 30 year. repeatedly. So we changed the rules and found some honest experts. Our bones were not broken by sticks but the words still hurt. Like Robin Williams in "Moscow On the Hudson": "When you speak English, does your mouth hurt?"  The unqualified engineer is another faux weapon of the insurers. While every tile roof in one neighborhood (same brand) along with every other roof, this cracked up tile roof sustained no hail damage? Flagrant foul!

7:We sent shingles to the factory that made them and to Haag engineering. Wallah! We did know what we were talking about. now they forget the skew for the better shingle in the insurance program they forced upon us and trying using the cheaper skew and modifying the material cost. Why? Because by breaking their own rules they save money.

Using non experts, fake lab reports, misusing the adjusters shingle gauge, sneaking around and failing to meet us on site, and just winning by out waiting the homeowners patience, they insurance companies have saved themselves millions by putting on cheaper roofs than the homeowner deserves.

Admittedly many roofers lie and some adjusters respond alike. Yet the carpetbagger type of mushroom roofer that pops up after a storm won't argue this point. It takes time. He goes door to door saving deductibles, turning innocent people into felons, all the while making his money on volume. He does crappy work void of new parts and pieces and nail guns on cheap shingles using strangers. He doesn't care because he squeezes the job until a small profit shows up for little time investment.

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Alpine Roofing Construction said...

Thanks for posting this blog. It is definitely a shame what people do to make a little money these days. They should trust a professional contractor to get the job done right, regardless if you will save money if you go with someone else.

Alpine Roofing Construction said...

Thanks for posting this blog, it is truly a shame what people to do make/save a little money these days. Customers should always trust a <a href=">professional contractor</a>, even if they have to spend a little more to get the job done right.

Roofing Quest said...

It's unbelievable the games that are played not only by fly-by-night roofing companies, but the insurance industry as well. I'm glad to see another roofing contractor go the extra mile to expose the obvious incompetence!...good for you.

Unknown said...

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