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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Texas House Bill 1183 and the Neighborhood Riot

I don't know what I'm talking about and I'm not sure what is going to happen but Monday is a new day in the roofing industry. Now, when it hails, instead of just having roofing salesmen running around trying to solicit your business you'll have public adjusters and attorneys also ring your bell.

Here's what happened; Licensing of roofers by the state failed because it would have raised prices but House Bill 1183 passed and it is going to slow things down real bad if you want a good roof. As reported by moi before in this little journal, most roofers accept the first low bid by the insurance and cut, cut, cut. They don't know what a building code is, much less what they state. Remember, code is law. All this guy does is run as fast as he can door to door selling cheap. And roofs protect everything you own, unless you own a yacht or airplane. But often these things have roofs, hangers, too, to put your shirt you lost on.

So the roof gets done wrong, ventilation is not done to code, the roof fails in eleven years and when you sell your home the roof fails inspection and you have to spend 20x's your deductible or more to replace it. But when you move your kid's respiratory illnesses suddenly go away. you haven't been reading have you.

Back to the chaos going on in the street. A  riot is on but there are only a few hundred public adjusters in Texas. All of them are in front of your home but they'll have a years work by lunch time. And your roofer can't talk to the insurance and you want a good job, not the Earl Scheib roof, because you have a good one that passes building codes. you also have code upgrade on your policy, which cost you 10% more, but the insurance won't pay for those upgrades because you don't have them now. What's a girl to do?

I think this might be the plan but I  make no pretense to being an attorney: 
1) You call the insurance.
2) The adjuster shows up and either let's your roofer discuss the claim or not.
3) If not then you need to find a public adjuster and reschedule.
4) The public adjuster meets the insurance or just provides an estimate and can claim up to 10% of the money if it has taken something like 48 hours to get the adjustment after the initial insurance adjustment.
5) The insurance company rejects the public adjuster's numbers and it goes to an attorney.
6) The attorney files suit with interest plus attorney's fees...from the start date (I'm not an attorney but I talked to two today).
7) The roofer might do the roof for the original money and wait for the suit to settle it or the roof waits for the court case to finalize.

Again, who knows what Monday will bring but I believe either the insurance companies are hoping most homeowners will cave and go cheap and quick like a whore in the alley with a John and a few will fight it out.

most of us have been upset and swore never to settle but the wife nags, the roof leaks, tensions rise and you take the money and run. The the roof leaks and you need another attorney or you go to sell your home and you  need one then too.

 This is going to get real hairy. You won't find a public adjuster and the insurance will thumb it' nose at you.

Have you heard of triple indemnity, where someone has to pay triple damages for trying to rip you off and violation the Texas Deceptive Trades Act? The attorneys are knocking on our door already and we're going to have you hire them. Because you ask? Because quality cost and cheap cost more, but later. And few insurance companies are not going to try and exploit this and that means you.
I'm too upset to read this and correct the grammar or remove the profanity...and I'm going to push send, like I do when I send regrettable emails.

In the end, I believe, just like the price fixing programs the insurance carriers used to keep prices down, which we took from them and used to get prices up, the same thing will happen but ten fold. The difference is the  public adjusters and attorneys have their fingers in the pie....because they've been invited.

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