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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Buying a New Home With Roof Issues

If you're buying a new home you will be required, for your own good, to have it inspected. And that inspection includes the roof. But you can only see a fraction of the roof from on top because the roof is a system that starts at the soffits and ends at the ridge.

Only a soothsayer can tell you what the underbelly of the roof system looks like. So if your roofer is not a mystic or divine, he needs to get in the attic. If you see broken boards, you have a problem. If no daylight is coming in the soffit vents, the roof covering will fail sooner and there is no applicable warranty. Read the warranty dummy! 300 Rule of Balance Ventilation. Disconnected flue pipes equal dead inhabitants.

Home Inspectors, licensed by the state, almost always CYA, or should I say cover their arse, by writing on their report: have the roof checked by a professional roofer. Sometimes they write "have the roof checked by a licensed roofer." No such thing as far as Texas is concerned and municipal licenses are just fees.

So when you do have a roof replacement make sure your new roof has a transferable warranty because you might be there a long time. If it does fail early,you'll be protected.

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