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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Roof Attic Ventilation is Important In The Winter

Many blue moons ago I was told that if you covered your turbines in Houston you would lose your plywood deck in two years. I don't know if that is true but I do know that within five if a fireman goes on your roof he'll end up inside your home.

Reason one: Humidity is still high in the winter and if you don't have an attic that functions as a Venturi tube you'll have a fog in your attic.High humidity destroys plywood and other structural deck products like OSB. If you quit cooking, bathing, breathing, and sweating, as well as put a dehumidifier in the attic, you might make it to ten years. Besides, if covering your turbines makes your house warmer your problems are humongous. Once the heat has transferred past your insulation, it is not in your home anymore and is only contributing to global warming. (Does anyone know if it has become a proper noun yet and deserve capitalization; Global Warming.)

Reason two: If it is freezing outside and your roof is coated in ice or snow, and you don't ventilate properly, the attic temperature will rise from the heat that does get past the insulation or is caused by your ill advised placement of a dehumidifier in your attic. The frozen precipitation will begin to melt under the ice, flow down hill, and encounter the ice on the overhang. As it backs up behind the ice damn, the water will enter your home in Niagara Falls quantities. Your wife will then make you more miserable than you already are..

Reason three: Your roof warranty is void because you didn't follow the "Three Hundred Rule of Balance Ventilation," the minimum ventilation requirement.

Reason four: If you forget to remove the turbine covers or plugs, your attic will get hot and you'll have to forward more money to the electric ogre.

Reason five: Your roof and deck will fail and both will need to be replaced to insure, sell, or even live in your home. If, by chance, your roofing material is fine but the decking goes bad, it'll be the old "the teeth are fine but the gums gotta go" syndrome. You'll still need a roof replacement

Six: Pick up sticks.

Seven: Your kids get asthma. No explanation needed unless  you don't understand that microbes love humid environs.

Eight: You hate to paint your house.

Nine: I'm outta here.
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