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Monday, August 13, 2012

Every Hailstorm Is Exactly the Same

Just like that Nine Inch Nails' song, "Every Day Is Exactly the Same", every hailstorm is exactly the same.

"But I can tell you exactly how it will end. There is no love here.
I'm writing on a little piece of paper
I'm hoping someday you might find
Well I'll hide it behind something
They won't look behind...

...I can't remember how this got started
Oh, but I can tell you exactly how it will end."

You signed that paper and you don't know the guy. He knocked on your door and the lizard part of your brain bought and now your cerebral cortex cannot rationalize it. 

This is your home. You only worried about a deductible and free sounded good, yet the costs are tremendous.

First there will be no one around to fix the leaks, there will be no warranty because he doesn't have any idea what the warranty caveats are, and you lost out on the non-prorated part and the labor part of the warranty because he is not certified.

By using someone off the manufacturer's already culled list your chances are greatly enhanced at getting a quality product on the most expensive item you've purchased to date: your home and all of its contents.

A good hand nailed roof with balanced, and I mean balanced, ventilation is pretty awesome stuff but having a transferable 100% material and labor warranty for 50 years, when most roofs won't pass inspection after eleven or twelve, is more than a great thing. It is an insurance policy. And if you have doubt, just look at how much your insurance is paying for it.

Rarely does an insurance company pay correctly the first time out and the door knocking roofer doesn't care because he'll just cut product out, use a felt stretcher and a sky hook, and hire strangers lurking around Home Depot to put on your roof. You can't get the better warranty if all the proper accessories aren't used and you don't get the minimum if you don't follow the "300 Rule of Balanced Ventilation".

So when the mushroom roofers pop up and start jumping out from behind the bushes trying to get you in a hurry, calm down and take a breath, and if you need an answer now the answer is no. Haste makes waste.

Crosby, Stills and Nash sang about it in "Deja Vu":

"And I feel
Like I've been here before
Like I've been here before
And you know
It makes me wonder..."

Jon Wright again.
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