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Friday, August 3, 2012

Roof Scams Anyone?

So the door to door roofing salesman has hit your porch wanting you to sign. Don't worry, the document you sign does not hold up unless he gets all people on the title to sign and he tells you about the right of rescission.

Byron Harris of WFAA, Channel 8 affiliate for ABC, did a nice piece on roof scams on July 29th called "Roof Repairs:Read and understand before you sign." My advice is to not sign anything. Don't let anyone on your roof or, for heaven's sake, in your home just because they say they're a roofer. All the more reason to run them off.

Do your homework. Make sure they are registered with the city and, if canvassing door to door, have their permit to do so. Cities vet people with background checks and issue permits to go door to door. Burglaries go up after storms and you might just have let Jack the Roof Ripper in your home.

Check references, insurance (you can have yourself named with a rider to make sure it is real and the insurance will mail you a current form), and check to see if the roofer is certified by the manufacturer that he is using. This increases the warranty from being a prorated material only coverage on product failure to up to 50 years 100% coverage on replacement costs with product defect.

But if the roofer doesn't follow the 300 Rule of Balanced Ventilation there is no warranty and your roof will fail, your insulation will compress, the paint will peel, your kids will cough, and the roof decking will weaken.

The BBB, Angie's List, and exhaustive searches on the internet can help protect you from this unregulated bunch of gypsies. And so can not giving any money down and not signing any paper you haven't read, like Byron Harris said. Otherwise he may be writing about you.

If the roofer is uninsured and floods your house, does not pay his material and labor bills, just puts the roof on badly so it looks like poo and leaks, steals your stuff, ruins your landscaping, lets your dog get out, causes your wife to kick you out, or is just a general weirdo, then it is your own arse-fault, er, asphalt. So c. y. a. because these roofs are important, cost a lot of money, and protect almost everything you own.

By the way, in the picture in the WFAA article, the roofer is laying GAF Timberline lifetime roofing incorrectly. The manual says the material must be staggered and not racked. This is a warranty violation. I guess he's not a certified Master Elite. Inspectapedia has a good article on GAF contractors.

CertainTeed has the same program for your protection.

Don't just run off a cliff, or your roof. Protect your home and your family.

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