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Monday, May 20, 2013

Needless Tornado Damage in Tarrant, Hood, Cleburne and Montague Counties

If builders weren't so criminal, a couple of hundred dollars per home could have kept the homes mostly intact  in the near misses yesterday. Just because a tornado smashes a home doesn't mean the next door neighbor needs to be leveled or mangled.

Home fortification is a cheap and easy thing to do. And your home won't blow away to Kansas Dorothy, er, Toto.

if Simpson Strong Ties are installed on the roof rafter to the wall, then it'll take twice as much wind to knock your top off. If they are placed on the outside wall to floor and again on the floor to the foundation, the home is much less likely to move.

Hand nailing the shingles, rather than blowing through them with 950+ mph nails, helps a lot. Using ribbed nails for the decking also helps prevent deck loss.

The plywood seams can be taped with a bituminous membrane so that if the roof blows off the water will be kept out until repairs can be made.

Doors opening outward also keep them from being blown inward, increasing the pressure inside the home. This difficult for those trying to bust open your door, and sometimes it is the good guys.

These simple little strong ties can make a tremendous difference in your family's survival and the protection of your property.

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