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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Roof Poop

Yes Virginia, there is roof poop, and it is important to know who it belongs too. And I'm going to prove it.

If the roof suffers damage without wind, war or earthquake and large tears or holes exist, the roof  detective needs to evaluate the forensics. We can tell when trees have been cut down by swooping marks on the roof so isn't it logical to use other evidence to determine why a hole has been made. Fingerprints, claws marks and bite and gnaw marks are often left as hints at who your enemy is. On the other side, of the culprit that is, some droppings of the fecal type might give you clues.

Once you have enough experience looking at the dung/ roof damage combinations, without ever setting a foot on Texas A & M campus, you are soon able to tell the customer who, or what, damaged his, or her, roof. I've seen raccoon, peacock (read earlier blog of that interesting story), woodpecker (although they usually attack siding as the fowl did to my house before pulling insulation out and throwing it all over the yard before he vanished), squirrel, dog (the idiots let their dog get on the roof, human child (although no poop was left they tore up the held the evidence) possum, and cat. Yes cat. I waited until I saw the guy jump up there and pull wood shingles off. The client told me he saw the cat do it but I was skeptical until I saw it for myself. I love cats like that.

Knowing who pooped the roof can help in the elimination of the poop problem. This is no joke...No shit.

So after writing this I googled "roof poop" and found a whole universe of blogs and videos on this dark subject:

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