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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Death by Falling Chimney

My sabbatical, a very long Saturday for my Jewish friends, has terminated and we are about to start deluging you with stories, procedures, certifications, new products and old plus other bs.

This last year was a wet one for the record books. And before it was over the last few months were really wet. Thus began the masonry leaks and devastation..

In the past we saw full brick chimneys with plywood/mortar caps, erode and spall. So much water was suspended by continual drizzle, rain, cool weather, lack of sun, that nothing would dry out. Once these chimneys were saturated it became one drop in and one drop gallon in and one gallon out. I mean everywhere. No amount of roof work, counterflashing work or chimney cap work would help. Time for the masonry coating.

Those poorly build and cheap zero clearance chimneys that were made out of cardboard rotted away. Those cheap ones with one ply of brick over a framing and felt or blackboard, really started to leak. But the worst is yet to come:chimneygeddon. All across North Texas feom Las Colinas to Rowlett, in Carrollton and every area built up since the cities looked the other way on rules concerning masonry supported by masonry all the way to the foundation or at least set on steal posts and beams, the chimneys are starting to list and crack. Wood framing under heavy masonry has always been against code but it was overlooked. Even just outs set on wood framing. !0...9..8..7..6..5.. run away. People will die.

We had one chimney leak and and its insides revealed no bones. One ply brick with no framing or waterproofing sitting on wood. Weight with rubber legs. We tore it down, built a frame and put artificial brick by Exteria. This use to be called Nailite. I love it. The color looked so much like the brick on the home no one can tell. Strong, lightweight and elegant, if brick can be elegant.

Anyway, have your chimney looked at before it kills you.

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