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Friday, October 28, 2016

Building Officials Association of Texas BOAT

Our BOAT has floated.  BOAT is a Preferred Provider approved by the International Code Council. We should have joined years ago.  This group of professionals has several conferences a year for program of quality education and training for the Building Professionals including Builders, Building Officials, Contractors, Municipal Inspectors, Real Estate Inspectors,Architects, Engineers, Plumbers, Fire Protection Personnel, Code Enforcement, Permit Technicians, Electricians,and Environmental Health and Safety Personnel, as well as its own annual convention.
The conferences are run by The Building Professional Institute (BPI)  This teaching group is a combination of Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT) and the Construction Research Center (CRC).
We, as home and building renovators, need to keep up with all building codes, which are the minimum, well thought out practices for home repair, additions and rejuvenation. They are the law of the land and city building inspectors are law enforcement officers. They can fine you, condemn your property and throw you in jail. One roofer threatened one and Federal Marshals were at his home the next day. Glad it wasn't the FIB.
Obviously insurance carriers don't know this because they say they won't pay for something unless the city writes a letter saying it is an enforced code. you think the city might? Hell no! These are laws. I have to point out that a particular code insurance companies want us to ignore could cause the death of firemen. Plus I could be sued for not following code or manufacturer's minimum specifications.
Finally, I'd like to thank Lawrence Crowe of the Irving Building Inspections for encouraging us to join. 

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