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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crime and Roofing

Already phase one of the hail storms has come to pass: the Mushroom Roofers have popped up. They'll go shoot on some roofs with nail guns, collect some money, and leave people with badly ventilated roofs and roofs that look lumpy, won't last as long, and will experience problems with leaking and blow off, as usual.

More sinister demons are coming. Labor liens, mad supply houses, all kinds of legal stuff but still other manifestations are going to appear.

The cost of materials is soaring. Shortages will occur. Tamko lost a major production facility to the deadly tornadoes. Gas is going up. Between rising transportation costs, higher raw material costs, and the influence of supply and demand, the price of materials will skyrocket to levels never seen before. Soon a square of Timberline shingles will fly by $100.00 faster than a badly nail gunned roof on a windy day.

Here come the thieves. If materials are delivered the day before the roof is to be put on and left in the driveway, the carpetbagger's scalawag roofers will pull up to take what they need to finish their job down the street. This happened to us two years ago in the storms in Keller. Then we couldn't finish our jobs.

Be patient with your roofer. We have entered a lawless stage and it is only going to get worse. The crime rates of Carrolton, Coppell, North Dallas, and all the northern suburbs is going to go up. And it is not just theft of roofing materials. These are seedy people. When you introduce seedy people into a neighborhood and they climb all over your home and learn your habits, they will sometimes come back. They now know when you leave and come back. What doors you use. Believe you me a construction guy can get in your home real easy. Skylights, siding, windows, are all 30 second break in points.

And you might not have hired them. If your neighbor has hired them they now know your habits. From a roof you can peer all over the back yard and into windows. And these guys will be gone soon enough.

Did you know that something like 85% of people on death row have connections to the roofing industry.
Protect yourself unless you are real lucky and nothing bad ever happens to you.
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