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Monday, May 2, 2011

Slow Down, Don't Move So Fast. Roofer

Ask yourself a few questions before putting on a roof.

Did I have the attic, deck, structure, and ventilation inspected or did I just go with it.?
Am I just putting on what I had or did I consider options for beauty, energy savings, longevity, and insurance discounts?
Is my roofer certified by the manufacturer we're using?
Is my roofer insured?
If you don't care then just go ahead and burn right through those thousands of dollars the insurance has handed to you.
One more question. Why are you in a hurry? Haste makes waste and if you have no deadlines then go into mosey mode. That roof may be up their for the rest of your life. sure it probably won't but you might also have to replace from your pocket when it is time to sell and in a few years asphalt roofing will cost as much as metal roofing.
And metal is not a bad idea either. Looks great. Tastes great. Less filling.
Don't just get a roof to get a roof. Do some of your own homework and make sure your roofer is certified by the manufacturer. That way you know some vetting has been done and you'll get a much better warranty.

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