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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Insurance Money is Treated Like Food Stamps

Free money is often wasted while hard earned money is spent wisely. Have you ever won at gambling? I bet you didn't spend it as well as you did the money earned. In fact, you probably wasted the lucky money faster than you did the earned money.

Remember last year when Bloomberg said we should allow people on food stamps, or whatever it is called, to buy sugary drinks because they cause diabetes? Have you ever noticed how those with the Texas Card buy frozen dinners, like they don't have time to cook like me the single father who cooks almost every night. I call it kitchen karate. High-ya! The rest of us are buying meat, milk, vegetables,flour, and other items our skilled hands can turn into healthy and delicious nourishment for our families.

How will you spend your roof insurance money? Like free money not earned, only to be used unwisely and causing you to give diabetes to your air conditioner and all the other things I rant about here. Later this lottery money might make you poor. Why not hire an adviser that can direct you toward long term savings that can end up being in the tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years or a lump sum when you can't sell your home.

Don't use the wise roofer and you will have to replace your roof out of your own pocket after replacing your HVAC, insulation, deck, and repainting your house.

If you don't understand just go back and start reading my early blogs. That deductible is a hook that can really make you bleed.
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