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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Big Roof

While everyone is guffawing about Arnold and his so called "love child" I was looking at his roof. What a spread. There must be 300,000 lbs of concrete up there.

Did you know if a house with concrete tile is on fire the firemen won't usually enter. Too dangerous. Maybe Arnold should stay out too. We seem to think that Arnold has an indiscretion but what if Maria told him that their children weren't his? She didn't, she won't, and Arnold has fallen from the high mountains of Olympus to mate with a mere mortal. He left the world of giants to mix genes with a human and there will be a cost.

The love of his wife will never be the same if at all. His children will be inextricably attached to the other woman out of curiosity for their half sibling just like Senator John Edward's deceased wife knew her children would be around the other woman forever as she prepared for judgement day.

The lesson is that people who can afford expensive roofs are just as human, if not more so, that the rest of us who really work for a living. Too much free time allows you to commit indiscretions you would never forgive another for making.

I feel for the pain Maria Shiver feels. I hope she gets to keep the roof. My respect for the man has just gone out the window, which we install also.

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