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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Certified Roofer Versus 18th Century Roofer

Is your roofer certified?
What does that mean?
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It means that instead of a 100% full coverage replacement policy for 50 years you get a
prorated material warranty only.
So what? It's going to hail.
Really. Are you sure? That $4000.00 roof in 2003 is now a $10,000.00 roof
and in another eight years it might cost $40,000.00 and the insurance
companies will find ways to cover less of that cost or they will have to
raise your rates even more. Probably both.
If there is no hail, and ask any Realtor if they have had clients whose
roofs have failed inspection and have had to buy a new roof that the buyer
got to enjoy, you'll have to pay for a new roof to leave your home. Or, if
you used an illiterate roofer who did not know about fluid dynamics, Ideal
gas law, Venturi Tube, and Bernoulli, then you probably have no warranty to
fall back on to at least cover the fraction of the materials left in your
prorated material warranty. No 300 Rule and no warranty.
But if you have a certified roofer and you upgrade your warranty, you'll
have 100% protection for 50 years on most roofs, and could have a 25 year
leak guarantee.
That's crazy.
So you believe it will hail before too long again? If it does, the insurance
needs to put it back like it is. If you have a reputable and well made Class IV impact
resistant roof, the roofers will need to leave you alone. And if it doesn't hail,
ask your Realtor what is happening every year in Carrollton, Coppel, Farmers
Branch, and Lewisville.Homeowners replacing roofs from their kid's college funds.

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