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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why You Might Not Have Any Warranty On Your Roof

You have a new roof and don't know what the 300 Rule is. You have a limited warranty, or even an enhanced warranty from a Master Elite like myself but balanced ventilation means nothing to you.

You're going to replace your roof sooner and maybe the deck. Your kids might be breathing sewer gases because of negative pressure in your home. Asthma is rampant in your grandchildren. You neighbor has the same A/C, the same size house, and the same frugal Judeo-Christian civilized culture with an overlay of Protestant work ethic but your utilities are higher. You can't even sell your home.

That is what is going to happen to 90 something percent of the homes even if it hails again and the roof gets replaced.

That sure is a lot of money to give to someone who knocked on your door, is not certified, and has little more than a BBB membership.

It is time to read and study because the wind will blow, the rain and ice will come,  the home will be sold some day, and definitely the sun is going to beat down on your roof every summer cooking your roof and attic.

It's your decision to make. Do your homework. Read and investigate. The roofers haven't and hope you won't too.
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