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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Choose The Roofer And Then The Price

So you weren't planning on buying a roof and all you want to do is avoid costs. You might be setting yourself up for mountains of costs if you let your greed take over. Some of the homeowners fall real deep into the trap and try to profit from their insurance claims. I'm not faxing that fake bill and going to prison. You do it.

Here's how to stay out of the trap. First find a good source for roofers like one of the big three certified roofer groups:GAF, Certainteed, or Owens Corning. Then find out what he can do it for, what he'll do for what you got, and how much can you get done. Apply your greed to a better roof, better ventilation, better looking roofs, or anything that makes your home more valuable, more sell-able, or saves you money on utilities or insurance premiums.

If you fall into the "knock, knock, knock, I'll save your deductible" trap you might lose the entire check paid by your insurance and have to do it over out of that fat wallet you think you own. These words will be wasted on the greedy but will resonate with those who are wise or have suffered at the hands of those willing to steal. Just remember, you're next.

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