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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Ten Commandments of Composition Steep Slope Roofing

1) Always remove the existing roof.
2) Install the felt in a waterproof method, including integration with the metal edge.
3) Follow the 300 Rule of  Balanced Ventilation.
4) Never use pneumatic nailers. Only hand nail composition roofs.
5) Use a certified roofer for better installation and warranty.
6) Replace old or plank decks with solid decking.
7) Follow all local building codes. They are modified from the IRC basic codes with consideration for local extremes.
8) Always inspect the attic, especial after the roof is completed so you don't kill the residents with carbon monoxide.
9) Never shingle beneath a 2/12 pitch and use two ply felt, even if it is synthetic or peel and stick, when roofing beneath a 4/12 pitch. I don't recommend roofing beneath a 3/12 because if the roof sags you might cross the line.
10) Replace all chimney, skylight, and wall flashings.These are problem areas and the nail holes might come back to haunt you for your sin of cheapness.

Many other issues could be brought up but these are the basics. Better felt, leak protectors, better rated roofing materials, insurance, and other items may make for a better roof but these are the basic items that must be followed. Some would disagree on some of these items, especially the hand nailing part, but I disagree.

Follow these rules and you'll get a decent roof.

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