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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Irving Roofer

Just who is an Irving roofer? There are about five of us who were operating in the city prior to the storm. The most active were Scot Horton's two businesses, Moore Roofing and Construction I believe and Evans and Horton. I never met the Evans guy and doubt his existentialiality. Robert Murphy worked for Mr. Moore for years and paid him too little, as was his nature. He promised Robert the business but when it was time to sell it he offered it to his two sons who wanted nothing to do with it. You see, they were his roof slaves as little children and learned their lessons and became some sort of engineers. I met one on a roof one day. He looked around and said" what am I doing here?" He left.

I warned Robert that Mr. Moore would not honor his verbal agreement and Moore didn't. Robert's last laugh was that he had his own phone number in the Yellow Pages add for after hours service. He just took the jobs. Plus a lot of the customers called him because he was the only field contact. Scott Horton has a salesman or two.

These two companies are pretty good guys but we have an edge. We are Master Elites. I believe Scott has renewed his Certified status after letting it go for a few years.

Adela and her boyfriend started their company a few years ago, American Roofing and Siding, and have done well chasing storms all over the country but have pulled in the reigns to their homes here in Irving. I always found it a little funny that a couple of Mexican immigrants, who are full fledged Americans and live here, call themselves All American. Sometimes the convert is better at something than those branded early in life.

All these Irving roofers are pretty good but might be a little weak in the balanced ventilation area. They are definitely better than the invaders.

I've seen some other names now and then but I don't know them. Of course I'd prefer you used us but if we can't get to you then I recommend one of them rather than one of the carpetbaggers. At least you'll keep the money here in Irving and if you have a problem they'll be here to take care of you.

So let's here it for the Irving roofing contractors. Protect yourself and make sure the roofing company is from at least 20 or 25 miles away. Otherwise you better know them well. You can investigate through the BBB, but that is not as good as it used to be. Don't just look at their rating but at the number of complaints. Angie's List is a great resource. You should join before you pick a roofer and check out what his customers have said about him. Also make sure the roofer is certified in the product he is installing on your home. The warranty is soooo much better. It goes from a prorated material only warranty to a 100% material and labor for 20 years on 25 year product and 50 years on lifetime. You'll never need to pay for a roof again.

Check on insurance too.
Don't use a canvassing carpetbagger. If he was any good he'd be buried in business. And don't get in a hurry. If they need an answer now the answer is no.

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