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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Metal Edge, Insurance Companies, and Home Inspectors

All the good roofers have been arguing to no avail with the insurance companies about new metal edge. They don't want to pay for new metal edging. Everyday of every year they look for a way to dumb down the roofs. "I've had it. I've had alls I can stand and I can stands no more." I've eaten my spinach and I'm coming out swinging.
Just read a few of the links on the page I've pasted the link for and you'll see uniformity from everyone that the felt must go under the rake metal edge. No exceptions. GAF, Certainteed,  NRCA, RCAT, and anybody who's anybody agrees.
You can't put the felt under the rake metal without taking it up and then it is full of holes and all bent up. So if we follow State Farm's procedure and the home inspector for the buyer of your home catches it, you will be forced to correct it, maybe even replace the roof. I certainly wouldn't buy a home with the metal on the rakes over the metal edge. This is an installation violation that may void your warranty, besides water rot and paint being messed up.
Now for the kicker. The International Residential Code, or IRC, which governs how cities enforce their building codes, says that the manufacturer's specifications rule here. Here's a video from GAF 
Point made. Let's make the insurance companies replace your roof right.

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