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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reusing Metal Edge on Gable Homes Is against Code.

I'm going to prove that if you have a gable home the insurance needs to replace your metal edging.

The International Residential Code governs how municipalities write their building codes. The cities adopt the codes and then make addenda for their particular needs. 

Here's their recommendation for flashings:
1510.6 Flashings. Flashings shall be reconstructed in accordance with approved manufacturer's installation instructions. Metal flashing to which bituminous materials are to be adhered shall be primed prior to installation.

That's it. The baton has been passed to the manufacturer.

Here's what GAF says about felt.Underlayment:
Standard Slope–4/12 (333mm/m) or more
Application of underlayment: Cover deck with one layer of underlayment installed
without wrinkles. Use only enough nails to hold underlayment in place until covered by
shingles. Application of eave flashing: Install eave flashing such as GAF-Elk Weather
Watch®, StormGuard®, or other GAF-Elk Leak Barrier in localities where leaks may be caused
by water backing up behind ice or debris dams. Eave flashing must not overhang the eave
edge by more than 1/4" (6mm) and extend 24" (610mm) beyond the inside wall line.

See the pretty drawing?

Here's what many insurance companies are saying: We're not paying for metal edge because it's not damaged. Translated that means they're not going to pay you enough to replace your roof correctly, so that your eaves don't blow out or your home doesn't pass inspection. And if the product fails early this is one of the caveats the manufacturer can use to deny your claim.

Don't settle for less that right. The flashings need to be changed or you don't have a new roof, you just have a badly repaired roof that will haunt you.

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Bill Silvey said...

I really like your blog and all your ideas. What are your thoughts on getting the insurance companies to pay for the replacement of valley metal?


Bill Silvey