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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Composition Roofs Leak

The further east you go in Dallas / Fort Worth the more rain there is, but as you go west into Arlington and Benbrook the wind, hard rain and hail get worse. Lots of rain washes out mortar, as we discussed last week, causing chimneys and window ledges to leak, especially if the bricks are not canted downward. Have you ever noticed the spalled brick beneath a bay window that were laid pretty flat?

Spalling Brick on Window Sill
Spalling Brick on Window Sill

Wind causes roof and siding leaks while long enduring rains reveal the slow roof leaks that usually don't show up.

When you try to ascertain why your roof leaks you need to be a forensic investigator. Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Does the roof leak when the wind blows?
2) Does the roof leak only during long enduring rains or after days of drizzle?
3) Has the same place leaked before?
4) Has the roof been repaired in that spot before?
5) Did the roof leak occur after something was worked on. For instance, the furnace flues, a satellite dish was installed, the siding or windows were repaired or replaced?
6) I won't say "pick up sticks", again.
7) Do you think it's time to repair those missing shingles?
8) Do you see daylight through the roof? (except around flue pipes, that is normal to a degree)
9) When doesn't the roof leak?
10) Does the roof seem to leak only when it's raining but the air conditioner is running? Condensation can be the cause from either the copper line or the pan or pipe carrying the condensation.
11) When the roof is leaking can you find evidence in the attic like water or stained plywood?
12) Is it possible the roof leak is something else like a window if it is coming in below a window on the second story?
13) Does the PVC pipe for the sewer gas and clean out pipes elbow? If they are not sealed properly and the pipe angles level the elbows can leak.
14) Why me? Is it because I went cheap on my roof?
15) Is the roof old and needs to be replaced?
16) Maybe I shouldn't have pocketed that insurance check rather than replacing my roof?
17) The roofer used a nail gun and Jon told you that guns were no good.
18) If the roof leaks in the same place that it did before it was replaced then maybe the leak is not in the roof.

I could go on and on but I won't. You are free to comment and add questions to ask yourself about your roof leak. Otherwise, call an expert to determine why your roof is leaking.

Today's schedule includes two stops in Flower Mound to look at a roof leak and to get my repairman started on fixing three roof leaks and one window leak on one home and correcting the ventilation on the home. The low profiles are on various altitudes and communicating with each other rather than with the soffit vents.
Next I'll go to Providence Village near Pilot Point and Aubrey.
Then it is off for two stops in Carrollton to look at roof leaks. If anything else comes in from North Dallas, Lewisville, or Farmers Branch I'll try to fit them in while making my way through Dallas back to Irving.

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