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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What We Do as Professional Roofing Contractors

We don't put on roofs. We install integrated systems and if you haven't caught onto that by now then price is all that matters to you. And if you try to save money it will cost you big time. I'm not talking about roof leaks, higher utility costs, worn out HVAC equipment, respiratory illnesses, and shortened roof life.
I'm shouting about all these costs. When you try to sell your home in 15 years and your blistered thirty year roof doesn't pass inspection or your decking is shot from overheating and humidity, you'll cuss that roofer with only a post office box address or a cell phone in his truck. Oh, how do I hate thee...let me count the ways: Oh, the insulation, the paint, the smell, the money.
Roof leaks cause interior damage but those costs are in the hundreds. Your kids sickness makes you evil. A well placed soffit vent and the removal of that extra out of place low profile that short circuited your attic chimney effect (the broken straw) might have kept your kids well enough to have gotten into UT, but not now buddy. My 7th grade has perfect attendance and I'm a single parent. No mom to ever help out. Thanks be to God for grandparents.
Back on track, we sell roof systems, extended manufacturer's warranties that take out the pro ration and add labor replacement costs, leak warranties from the manufacturer, enhanced wind warranties up to 130 mph, and energy efficiency. We give a lot of bang for your buck that keeps giving for many years. That way you won't have to replace your roof when you sell your home, send your kids to the doctor, paint your home every couple of years, replace your air conditioner, replace your roof decking, pay for college, pay higher utility bills and get a divorce.
Seems like you might pay for a better warranty on your $1000.00 tele or your $2500.00 stereo, or your $25,000.00 car. You can get one for your roof for almost nothing. If you ask we'll probably give it to you. You just need to buy the standard roof accessories instead of the drop down parts the competition uses: upside down and backwards 20 year shingle for a starter on your 30 year roof, 20 year ridge on your class IV lifetime shingle like the janitor did in McKinney, mismatched non venting random and non scientifically installed exhaust vents.
How about those nails they shot right through your shingle. I'll wait while you go outside and check. Really. They went right through the shingle. Want to bet?

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