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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why the Electric Companies Don't want Net Metering

They act so green. They are saving the planet. They are liars. Electric providers like Stream Energy, aka Ignite Ponzi scheme, and Reliant, only care about profits. They love it when you take a tax credit for solar energy and then pump trillions of photoelectric power back into the grid for free.
Who gets to sell this surplus that nobody had to make? Who gets the tax revenue? Where does it go? I'll tell you:it passes through meters and people are charged for it. That is why these fat cats don't want net metering. They'd rather let the planet burn up and everybody starve than give up one nickle that they've successfully stolen from people with good intentions, those who wish to save the planet.
You take your tax credit, 30% of the material cost with no limit, and put up photovoltaic cells or wind turbines and then proceed to make somebody else rich on your investment.
Just how much energy do you use when you're away at work during the day trying to make up for the rest of the expense for this system? The answer is very little. You turn out the lights and turn up the thermostat and they get their pockets lined.
The ideal situation would be to get the tax credit and then get reimbursed for the photons your roof harvests every day while you're at work. It's a wonderful thing to help Mother Earth by using less fossil fuel but it's a very wonderful thing to save your family money too.
Let's just forget this one time tax credit and let ordinary Americans share in the glory of keeping us strong and independent of foreign energy sources and keeping America beautiful. If we don't we'll have to change the lyrics to "God Bless America" and "America the Beautiful."
Besides, did you know that the discovery of oil and the subsequent pumping of boat loads of money into unenlightened lands makes them go insane. Then they start getting megalomaniacal with nuclear arms and the sabers start to rattle. Is that what we want? People who hate us with more money than they can spend who would love nothing more than to see us suffer and then die.
Think Chavez, Gaddify, I'mmadinthehead, and then think of what they'd do if they could. I rank Reliant and Stream Energy right up there with these three brutes because what they are doing is so Un-Americam.
They're stealing from you, your family, America, and the Earth, in that order, as the electrons find their way to their pockets.
At least remove the taxes from the bill for the investment you made to fulfill your desire to do good. All you get is a slap on the back, an attaboy, but no kisses or better yet, a slice of the pie you are cooking, a piece of the cake, crumbs, anything. We're dying out here.
If our President was serious about his desire to create green jobs, all he'd have to do is make the electric companies pay you for what is yours rather than let the fat cats steal it.
Have you heard the cries of these billionaires when someone suggests letting you get credit for your investment? Have you seen the money flow into the coffers of politicians who'll vote against one of the only truly fair and just concepts that shouldn't even be up for production?
I propose that all who have solar panels take one further step and turn off their equipment when they are away from home. It'll cost you a little but the rich won't get richer by theft.
I have no problem with ingenuity, good decisions, talent, and subsequent wealth, but this is a nationwide crime being committed and everyone is asleep. We need to save up those electrons and give them back all at once while they're sitting in their chairs.
We teach our children that this is not a finder's keepers world. The wallet you find is not yours and extracting the money from it is a crime and a sin. At least I thought so.
So when Jon Wright Roofing puts solar panels on your roof in Dallas you just give away the electricity unless you sign up with a company like Green Mountain, a little higher than the others, who will share the booty with you.

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