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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dress Like A Roof

Finally, we're going to dress the structure rather than roof it. So says the NRCA in this article about woven roof fabric.

We've always used dress makers terms like head lap, selvage, hem, seam and blocking out. Why not "do you want plaid or strips? A little Parisian poke-a-dot perhaps?

Jon's gone mad! No, read the article. They discuss how technical textiles for roofs have been used in Europe since the 1960's and as recently in South Africa for the stadiums used in the World Cup. They even refer to a roof as "the article" as in clothing.

The seams are either sewed, adhered with chemical crosslinking, vulcanization, solvents or heat.

The piece builds up to a technical cescendo with:
Another promising possibility for architectural textiles exists in the form of coatings with inorganic oxides such as silicon dioxide. Inorganic oxide layers can be transferred from the gas phase to textiles using a variety of vacuum technology processes. A possible alternative is also provided by sol-gel technology.

My gosh. Roofing isn't so easy anymore. (HEY! IT NEVER WAS! GO TO SCHOOL! ROOF SCHOOL)

I found the article fascinating. 

Can we dress up your place?

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