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Friday, March 25, 2011

What Homeowners Expect From Roofers and What they Should Expect

Roofing contractors know that they should be on time for their appointments or call if something came up. If the roof job is sold, the roofing materials must be announced or cars get trapped in driveways and people get angry. A load of roofing materials can be as large as a small herd of cattle. The crew should come when the customer said they would and the job site should be clean and and the materials installed neatly. That's the minimum.

If your roofing contractor is not a professional roofer but is a professional businessman, he will accomplish these items. but if he is a professional roofing contractor too, he'll accomplish a lot more.

The "lot more" makes everything last longer: exterior and interior paint, insulation, the roofing materials themselves, the HVAC equipment, and the plywood decking. He also enhances your family's health with better air and less humidity and mold. Your utilities go down, your property values stay up, and you feel comfortable on the hottest of days.

How does he do it? The professional roofing company has an ongoing training program to instill and reinforce proper ventilation techniques, nailing patterns, roof style and color selection, increase adverse weather condition waterproofing (snow, ice, wind), and a material warranty from the manufacturer that actually serves as a form of roofing insurance.

Homeowners seldom select roofing material and most roofers just offer what the current product is. The choices available are mind boggling and the best matches are determined by more than house style. Pitch or degree of slope has an important effect on the style and color selection as well as performance.

Make sure your roofer has at least one certification from one of the big three roofing manufacturers: GAF, Certainteed, or Owens Corning. Then make sure he is not an entry level Boy Scout with a Tenderfoot ranking. You want the Eagle Scout. He'll save your life.

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