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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Solving the Ponding Water Problem on Roofs That Aren't As Flat As They Should Be.

Traditionally we'd tear off the old roofing on replacement roofs on commercial buildings. Today, many try to get away from it due to logistics ,like nose bleed altitudes or lack of access due to NASCAR driving antics around the building with Venetian alleys. Regardless, the roofs need to drain.

A flat roof drains it it is completely flat but if it has a sag, well, here begins the process of weight causing more sagging and more sagging causing more weight. Did I mention that water is heavy when forced to accumulate?

If the building permits, we could put in a drain or two but sometimes when you drain the lake, it becomes four or five smaller but deadly ponds. More weight, more sag, more weight, now wait!

Tapered insulation is a common cure for saggy roof syndrome. Just plat the roof, the the puddles, their depth, and the high areas. Make a geological terrain plat, as in plateau or platform. Little circles, rivers, hills, enemy encampments, DEA Agents, and you have the beginnings of a new video game. Then send off your error free topographical map to the experts and they'll put together a puzzle, labeled ,sub-labeled, boxed, and not guaranteed. Garbage in and garbage out. Plus this terrain keeps sagging as the tectonic plates below heave and shove.

Now comes roof in a can. Yes we can. We'll spray leveling foam on the roof low areas prior to either replacing the roof or completing a roof restoration, a process that is often cheaper and better than replacement. Plus you don't have to amortize rejuvenation, just replacement.

Life just keeps getting simpler. Just be careful with that hose buddy because the race below hasn't finished and the wind is starting to blow. Can't to tell by the gaggle of attorneys gathering in the parking lot?

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