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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trapped !

This morning we went over to a sky-rise in the Las Colinas area of Irving's north commercial district. When I got out of my truck, my wallet under the seat, since having gone to the gym early, and my keys on the seat, I noticed the wind was blowing. We were parked on an incline. My door went "clunk" or whatever you call it when a fairly new vehicle door closes tightly. My heart sank.

Yeah, I have Triple A Insurance and am a member of their auto club also. Luckily my phone had not been stolen at the Y like it had last week, because it was in my truck. But not now. The overpriced Blackberry that Cbeyond had ransomed me with was in my hand. (Here's the deal bub. You renew with us for three years on your bundle of services, phones, internet, web hosting, cell phones, and we'll sell you the phone at market price. Don't pay the protection money and you have to pay three times the street value of a new phone or only double the cost for a refurbished one.)

The internet was working, I found AAA's number and called them. I had no identification nor my member card but the operator's caller I. D. told her who I was. She said that when the tech showed up I could show him my I.D.

We went up on the roof and I laid out the repairs to the EPDM ballasted rubber roof. The guys knew to clean the roof surface with acetone and apply the butyl tape. We've repaired commercial flat roofs that the manufacturer told us only their product could be used to fix. I call this the "Cbeyond Effect." You know, lies. You know when a giant is stepping on you and you can hear your guts squishing out of your wallet. TPO, PVC, EPDM, and a full vocabulary of synthetic futuristic single ply roof systems that are supposed to last forever have been repaired by us with this simple but expensive tape and not just the manufacturer's defective product. In fact, the new stuff doesn't like cured or older stuff. The old stuff likes our stuff.

Locate the leak. Clean it properly as their is a particular rubbing pattern. Really. Apply tape.

No driving around finding all kinds of different cleaners, primers, tools, and repair adhesives for these acronyms. But the good old BUR still is best repaired by pookie and membrane. Cleaning still required. Locating still required. Wettness removal still required in most cases.

Today I just hope my company reaches the Triple A, AAA, rating, and not the C-left-Beyond rating that I'm going to give those lousy corrupt interneteers.

By the way, Triple A's computer called me several times to keep me informed of the rescue tech's progress and when he arrived he called me. I was told I had forty five minutes before I was extracted and had to line out the guys by then. I was a little upset when the wrecker from Premier Towing showed up early. I bet you wouldn't have been.

I peered over the edge of the building to see him parked next to me. I scrambled down and when I arrived he spent a total of 0.00005 seconds opening my truck. Boy was my wallet safe. Good thing Premier Towing has honest folk working for them. This guy could clean out a parking lot in minutes.If Mario Andriette had locked his keys in his race car, he would have wanted Premier Towing of North Texas on his team. I hope he stays on the Light Side.Funny how nobody remembers the Light Side, only Darth's Dark Side seems to still be incorporated, like C-you later-Beyond.

I'll keep my Triple A and use Premier Towing whenever I need a service. They called too after the ball had been handed off to them by Triple A. Premier called just before he showed up, when he got there, and afterward to see if I was okay. These two companies, working together, helped me keep my customers happy and my referrals coming in.

What kind of service do you want? Do you want a moral and ethical company providing you your services or Darth's IT Solutions. Always check the ethical pulse of a company before biting their apple.

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