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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Angie's List , the BBB, Google Comments, and Roofers

For years the Better Business Bureau has been a trusted source for checking out a business. People may put in a complaint and the company has to respond. If no response is made, even if their is only one complaint, the company gets the dreaded "F."

Rarely do you see "B" or any other rating besides "A" or "F." Some companies have forty complaints and still have an "A" and that might be legit if the company is a behemoth. Rarely is that the case. The fish rots from the head down.

One crooked roofer had an "F" in Fort Worth so he opened a listing in the Dallas BBB and had an "A" even though he was using the same website and phone. His address was a post office box. Whoopee! Pays some dues for protection money and learn to write a reasonable response and you can continue on your murderous ways forever. Even BBB employees have voiced their disdain for some of these brutes to me personally.

Angie's List works differently. The customer writes a review on his experience with the company and rates the personnel on their:
Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

That came from our last review. Yeah! Or was it our last ten? Anyway there is the constant threat of retribution. But the customer may write a review that cannot be forced down like the BBB does. The company may write a response but the review stands. 

Angie's List allows for an ongoing forum on a company's performance before a jury of it's peers, no clients. No going back. What is done is done so don't join if you can't consistently perform in a professional way. 

We were honored to win the Super Service Award last year and hope to again but that might be hard to do a repeat or three-peat.

In response to the BBB's minimal policing of business this Angie's List thing is growing madly. It's not for everyone but it does seam to add the best level of security one could expect to find in this era of false self posted Google Reviews along with the other sites like Kudzu and City Place.

Try goggling "Irving Roofer." Look at the second guy on the maps and try to find out how an Irving roofer has an *!& area code. Look at the poorly written reviews all done within a short period of time: March 3, April 1, May 12 and 23, and June 6 , 9, 10, 12. Only one has written more than one review and he did it the same day he wrote the one on this company.

The last rating , done June 21,was bad with no write up. That guy, if you look at his twenty reviews, writes about roofers lying on their reviews but seems to have written well about roofers in several states. Is it blackmail? Look at Eclat and all his paid reviews. What a joke. Pepper alone has written 72 reviews all over Kingdom Come.

These kinds of issues have fueled Angie's List. 

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