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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roofer Irving and Search Engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Coming up in search engines is important for roofers today, especially in places like the 75062, 75063, and 75035 areas of Irving that have a lot of hail damage. Homeowners sometimes want to use local roofing companies and use key words like "Irving Roofer" or "Irving Roofing Company" when they search Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Bing.

"Hello, I'm an Irving Roofer (with an 817 area code.)
"Howdy neighbor, I'm a local roofer from Irving." Response: "Can I come see your warehouse? Roofers with roofing companies have roofing warehouses for their roofing materials don't they?"
"I've been in business in Irving for years as a roofer." Response: "Then you have roof customers here going back years if you are an Irving roofer?"

Yahoo search and Google search, are just starting points. Ask to see the dude's drivers license, insurance and registration. Roofers are registered with the city. References? Certifications? Bank checks (lists address)? If you catch him in a lie, tell him to come back later for a deposit check and don't be there.

The other day I looked and we weren't on the top of Google anymore so I made a few changes to the website and bang, we were back on top of the maps. We stayed in the organic search but fell in the little box at the top with the maps. You know, the A, B, C ,D..where the map search comes up with businesses..

I noticed that a lot of new companies were showing up in Irving as well as some companies that weren't from Irving. So I went over to Yahoo and we were no where to be found. I've tried to make us come up and had a little success but who cares about being number 25 on a map list. No one will see you but your grandmother. She'll thinks it's fantastic.

Here's the point. Many companies post false comments about themselves. We never did that. Dig down into the comments on the Google Homepage and look to see if the verbage is similar, the dates are clumped, the people who left the comments never left another anywhere, or so on. Dig. Then they lie about their location. We did it through vagueness and got punished but we did it in an era that let it go. After our flogging at the Great Hall of Google, we are submissive little puppies doing everything right. Those sins we committed were a long time ago and stood the test of time, or the test up until the rules changed. We just listed the company by name and city without more than a comma for a physical address in many towns. This was not a sin then but the rules changed.. Pronouncements came out that monkey business was to be stopped but we wanted our cheese and didn't think much about it.

I will admit the timing of their punishment was bad for us but our penance having been completed we are now good denizens of the e-verse.

But in times like these when roofers are all over Irving crushing the life from doorbells, how can a pleb that lives under a holy roof be assured that the knock on the door, or the Yahoo or Google search, has produced a legitimate bearer of roofing talents.

He can't. He never could. Being local just means it will be easier to bother him in person rather than having papers served far away.

If there are false comments on Google, Yahoo, etc., many complaints at the BBB (even answered resulting in an A rating), bad comments on Google, Yahoo, City Search, Yelp, Yellowbot, or they have no certifications, then you are probably dancing with a minor evil deity. If all the comments are clumped date wise or are all recent, you do the math.

Having been certified with GAF and Certainteed means a lot for our customers but the best of bests for consumer protection, at least at this stage in human development is Angie's List. Otherwise just put the roof on yourself. Don't use a door knocker.

This is the worst blog I ever wrote.

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