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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Important Parts of A Roof: Ventilation and Warranty

The two top issues with roofs are ventilation and warranty. Without minimum balanced ventilation you have no warranty and without certification your roof has a prorated material only warranty. That deductible might seem like a big hill right now but when you go to sell your home in ten years and the home inspector fails the roof  because you used cheap shingles like Atlas or Malarkey, or you failed to meet the 300 Rule of Balanced Ventilation, you might be surprised to find yourself coughing up over $10,000.00 of your equity to roof the home to complete the selling processes.

If you don't meet the intake and exhaust requirements, don't place the vents properly ( most aren't), your minimum and limited material warranty is void. If you followed the 300 Rule, you'll have a good prorated material only warranty. If you use a Master Elite Roofer or a Shingle Master Roofer and follow the 300 Rule of Ventilation and use the appropriate accessories, you'll have a 100% material and labor warranty for up to fifty years.

If the roofer isn't certified , your warranty is compromised.
If the ventilation is not balanced according to the minimum rules of ventilation, you not only do not have any warranty, your roof will fail early. So will your HVAC, paint, health, insulation, and deck.

Man it is hot out there. One customer was telling me how the shingles burnt his hand. Because the shingles are now thinner than ever, and still hot, the ventilation has become much more important. The roofing is hot, there is less asphalt, the warranties have been upgraded to fifty years pretty much across the board, but the caveats discrediting the warranties have increased. 

Application of the roof, ventilation, system components, and accreditation have all come into play to keep these pronouncements of better warranties in play.

Don't let these caveats come back to burn you. Follow the rules and you'll have a great money saving roof. Don't follow the rules and your last child might only go to junior college rather than that wonderful college your other kids went to. And they'll end sentences in prepositions too.

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1 comment:

nat said...

hey Jon,
Do you have any evidence of a Malarkey roof failure (other than the one you have thus far reported but did not give a follow up)?

I have used Malarkey and love it. I love The Zone and their enhanced ridge.

Ed Senter