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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Difference Between a Roofing Company and a Roofing Contractor

The differences between a company and a contractor are pretty important and a lot of it boils down to customer service. Companies do some contracting but they usually have their own staff and employees for sales, warranty work, supervision, and other administrative duties.
 Contractors sell jobs and have subcontractors do all their work. They usually have no staff to watch their jobs and perform all the supervision themselves. If the contractor has a lot of leads then his jobs go unsupervised.

With the recent hails storms all over north Texas, all established companies have lots of leads. The contractors are out canvassing door to door because nobody knows them. Now they have to find help because they will get some jobs. The comes the rub. With strangers on their roofs and more doors to knock, they usually let the job take its own course.

Time will tell, if the next wind storm doesn't, whether the contractor was good or bad and just like every time a storm comes through town, the people of Irving will find out if they had a roofing company or a roofing contractor. Those with companies with roots planted in the community will be there to service their roofing customers while those that had contractors will be lucky to find them.

Even though companies do some contracting, they have an infrastructure to handle situations as they become more or lass difficult.

After you've done your research on your roofer, you might want to visit his office. If he has no warehouse or equipment, then your suspicions should rise. Check with Angie's List, the BBB, the city building inspectors office, old customers, Complaints Board and other social sites, but don't just listen to the fast talker.

Does the roofing company have insurance? Are they certified in the product you're installing? Check with the roofing manufacturer.

With so called roofers canvassing Irving, Coppell, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Lantana, Prosper, Dallas, and other towns, the good installers are pretty occupied. Best to take your time and get a good job.

Also make sure you get the enhanced warranty that covers material and labor for 50 years rather than the prorated material only warranty. When you go to sell your house it could save you a fortune,
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