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Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Roofing Companies

Lon Smith Roofing has been big for years but their dominance has waned with time. Needham Roofing and Hollingsworth Roofing are actually several companies that share bloodlines. Large roofers from the past like Latham and Weatherford seem content just to do a little business. CLC Roofing has been doing well lately but we'll see how time treats them.
Allied Roofing, Bert Roofing, Centennial Roofing, Arrington Roofing, Alpine Roofing, Staz On Roofing, Statex Roofing and J and J Roofing and Sheet Metal, are good competitors.
The roofers who show up in the Google Map box are not always anybody or are flashing in the pans with fake inception dates. Clay's Roofing, Verticle Roofing, RCR Roofing and Construction, Concept 1Rennovations, and Eclat Roofing show up there and nobody's heard of the but Robert's Roofing does a bit.
Here in Irving, Moore Roofing and Evans and Horton Roofing are one company and Murphy Roofing used to administer Moore Roofing until Mr. Moore sold it to Horton. Ark Roofing was owned by Monty Banner until his tragic death and I don't know who owns it now.
Bold Roofing grew very fast and had a hard time keeping up with what they sold.
I haven't seen much out of Plano Roofing since Jim Rogers sold it.
I don't know Trident Roofing but Whately Roofing has been around for some time too.
Rutherford Roofing was doing okay until one of their salesmen started Brotherford Roofing and copied all their logos.
I'm friends with Classic Superoofers, Moritz Roofing, but I admire Premiere Roofing, Aspenmark Roofing, Scott Roofing Siding and Window and Dorsey's Roofing. all those guys do a great job.
By now you've guessed there are a lot of roofing companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area, around 6500 in North Texas alone.

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