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Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to Check Out a Business

Are the references real or are they Memorex?
Check for yourself with these tips:
On the Google site are all the posting dates clumped together like somebody had an idea to post and them quit? An example would be postings on February 6th 2010, February 7th, two on February 12th, and one on March 1st. None befoe or after.
Are the postings all on Google or some other place like Insider Pages or Kudzu?
Can you follow backwards on the person who posted and see that they have posted for many companies all over the country? Many roofers use Showcase Listings and the techniques constantly get better.
Did the three or four posting persons post about the same company?
Does the company have listings with the BBB in Dallas and Tarrant County with different ratings?
Do the postings see to use the same diction. These guys usually aren't very literate and will follow a similar cadence like "We.... I.... same adjective.
Ask the contractor directly for the number of the person who posted the reference. He'll know who it is.
check BBB, liability insurance, manufacturer certifications, and any other thing you can.
We love Angies List because it is like a club. The members report on their experiences.
Go to the search bar and type in various searches. Use the contractors name or company name and look around. The Complaints Board, Boardhost, and other places where frustrated people vent are helpful.
In a wind or hail storm it may be difficult to stay local but you can get temporary repairs and extensions from the insurance.
If someone needs an answer now, the answer is no. No deposit until materials and workers show up. No completion payment without full inspection. Keep the honest honest.
If you suspect that a business has self posted false comments you may also assume that the ethical and moral standard is very low. Using the word liar is a very strong and provoking term and liars really hate it. So just ask kindly for phone numbers, names, addresses, dates.
I'd love to give you an example but I won't. I suggest you type in Dallas Metal Roofer, Dallas Roofer, bad roofer Dallas, Dallas roofing complaint, vinyl siding complaint, XYZ Roofing complaint, Jon Wright Roofing or whomever complaint...
In vinyl siding land you can see if there is the VSI certification, Lead Removal and Containment Certification, Mastic Siding certification...
The BBB will root out the worst scoundrels but nothing replaces your own due diligence.
The Internet makes it easy to find out but also to cheat. Look forwards and backwards on those posted reviews. Follow the trail. Chart out the dates. See where else the reviewer posted. Check the language style.
Besides, just because the insurance company may be footing the majority of the costs for your current project doesn't mean that a lot of money is not at stake here. It's not the insurance company that gets ripped off. It is you. when Father Time and Mother Nature connect you might find that your sloven decision making process has cost you thousands. You might not be able to sell your home or get your insurance renewed. You might have to pay twice, not by redoing the job, but by having to pay for the material and labor bills again because leins are on your home.
Method 1:Never get pressured. Never get in a hurry. Don't pay too soon. Ask. Don't be afraid to ask. Read. Search. Study. Pray. Select. Pay. Pray.
Method 2:Ask GAF or Angie. Select. Pay.

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