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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Hot Weather and Roofing

That hot burning sensation you get when you enter your car is not near as hot as it is on the roof. I heat up my left overs on my dashboard sometimes. I put the Tupperware there when I get out of my truck and the solar oven heats it up to very hot. If you put your frozen meat and vegetables on the roof they will thaw, actually, heat up in no time flat, as long as the sun is shining on them.
There have been times I couldn't even tough my tools. The roof burns my hands when I get off the ladder and I'm sweating in just seconds after going up there but none of this comes close to the summer of 1980.
At five in the morning sweat would pour off me as I went to the daily roof grind. Once a builder asked us to stay and came running up the ladder. A few seconds passed and he started doing a professional roof jig. He soon got to the ladder, kicked off his hot shoes, and then jumped into a sand pile without getting even a scratch.
I would have been killed, or just hospitalized for a couple of days by the shards that would have found my feet.
OSHA wants us to wear steel toed boots but they would destroy the roof and keep us from being nimble. You must be nimble on a roof or you have no business being up there.
The whole point of this ramble is to tell you it gets really hot in Dallas Texas and your roof is killing you financially because it is not ventilated correctly.
Just go stick your head in the attic and wonder why your home has not spontaneously combusted this summer.
You are doing these things to your home and budget just by using roofers that don't know that the roof begins at the soffit:
1) Having a shortened roof life.
2) Making the roof more susceptible to damage through fragility.
3) Wearing out your air conditioner
4) Spending more on electricity
5) Making your family sick
6) Adding to pollution by using electricity.
7) Wearing out your decking.
8) Compressing your insulation
9) Discoloring your roof, exterior paint, interior paint.
10) Feeling less comfortable
11) Using natural sources, causing more manufacturing, causing more transportation (roofer, truckers, shippers, and everybody.)
12) Contaminating ground water (old roofs in the landfill).
13) Increasing sales tax revenue.
14) Decreasing your kids education.
15) enriching divorce attorneys.

Go outside and look at your soffit vents and see if there is a hole on the other side, and if there is see if it is the same size as the soffit vent. While you're at it look at the fascia and soffit boards to see if there is any water penetration.
Just a few soffit vents can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next decade and keep the roofing companies at bay for a few more years. Do not add any turbines or vent ridge until you are sure that there is more soffit intake than the proposed exhaust or that there are other exhaust vents that might run interference.
Roofing in Dallas is a sizzling job. I bet you couldn't stay up there, in the sun in the middle of the day for an hour nor could you stay in your attic for thirty minutes.
We can actually make your attic near ambient temperature when you change out your roof for usually no more than $4000.00 or $5000.00 than normal. That is a small price for permanent savings.

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