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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Roof Slang in Dallas

I've heard many terms for the same thing in the roofing universe but does that surpirse you? One of the first was pookie. That is a common term for flashing cement, that black stuff that spreads everywhere. One of the major manufacturers back in the 1970's was Bird. We loved to let the homeowner hear that we were going to put bird pookie on his roof. Ah, the inevitable.
So here's a street glossary of roofing terms
Plastic cement: pookie, mastic, plastic, bull, goop, chapapote.
Vent pipe cover: stack, jack, plumbing stack, three-n-one, lead boot.
Chimney: chimly, chiminea.
Flat level line between two roof slopes:dead valley, hog valley.
Turbine: whirlybird, rotary.
Steep roof: widowmaker.
Metal edging: drip edge, eave flashing.
Three tab roofing: three-n-one, square butts, 240's (now 195 to 210).
Cut outs on three tabs: keyways, water mark.
Laminated shingles: architectural shingle.
Modified: torch down, mop down, cap sheet.
Built up roof: hot roof, tar and gravel, gravel roof, tar roof.
Ridge shingle: hip and ridge, cap shingles.
Hot tar kettle: tar pot, Cadillac, pato (Spanish for duck because it goes on land, sea, and air with it's pumper).
Roof brackets for steep roof: toe board bracket, hooks, gatos.
Felt: tar paper, black paper.
Installing felt on a roof: dry in, black it in, waterproof.
Roof removal: tear off.
Roof process: strip felt and lay.
Installing new decking on the entire house: redeck.
Making a line with a chalk box: pop a line, chalk line it, plumb line.
Plastic caps: I can't write it down so call me and I'll tell you.
Some terms, like hog valley from the west coast, do not translate to other regions while others, like all the words for plastic cement, may be used more predominately in one area or another, but are understood universally.
West of Fort Worth they use bull, in Dallas they say pookie, and east of Dallas they say mastic. Further east it is plastic.
Dallas roofing slang is changing with Spanish but the old words persevere. The Spanish is just added on when it is funny.

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