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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mexican Electricity, The Red Sea, Dallas Roofs

The word "conundrum" is like music to my ears. Just love it. Can't explain, won't try. Why do you love your wife? Your kids you love, I know, because of a complex series of physical and physiological changes that have occurred because of the metabolic changes that have happen to you, the mom, or to the father, because of what has happened to the mom. The dad gets pregnant too. He should, at least, anyway. but as far as conundrums go, I love them.
Here's the best two this week:

Mexico infiltrates our grid with electricity. These guys, with chaos and reckless (why no "H" I do not know) abandon ruling the place, had to send us some electricity to keep things going. Well, what do you know? So much for first world.

Egypt:"Yeah! We have a military dictatorship again." The same people are ruling that they kicked out. Yeah! They've been in charge since 1952. Hosni "Fly Boy" Mu-Barak is gone only to leave the leader of the ruthless internal security forces in charge. Maybe their ideas of democracy are a little different. We are all Egyptian this week. Let's see what happens. We have no choice but to watch how the going plays out.

What does this have to do with roofing? A whole bunch. Prices my friend. when the oil giants figured a way to extract more fuels from the garbage they sold to the roofing manufactures, this trash called asphalt becomes black gold...Texas Tea...and the same Egyptians who controlled the Suez Canal, the place down the road from the Somali Yacht Club, might realize that the western world has cause a conundrum that is their own ass-fault.

Thus, when we had cold feet, we turn to Mexico for another import besides people: electricity. Hearken, I shout, for to be free and warm, and not live under the spell of a cold tyranny, we need Elektron and her little bro Foton. Not futon, but a balanced ph with solar panels upon well made roofs.

Do you know how close you came to being miserable like some of those other Texans who went for hours without electricity? Maybe you did? Maybe you heard "Daddy, I want to go to school." Rolling brown outs cured with Mexican electricity? Who'd a thunk it?

Both conundrums you can cure if you start your homework now. We're here for you. Better roofs and free electricity. You just need to invest in a little save the planet machinery, while you take a tax credit and a huge property value increase.

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