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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Prophesy: Flat Roofs Are Ripping Apart

ein bin berliner  Ein bin Egyptliner....Godspeed to those who want what we take for granted and all prayers that they don't get something worse.

The soothsayers, the oracles at Delphi, Carnac the Magnificent, Nostradamus, and all the greats cannot compete with me in my realm.

Do you hear that giant tearing sound? Much time has passed since it has been this cold in Dallas and Dallas flat roofs have something to say: rippppppp!

As roofs age they lose flexibility. Roofs made of small sections, like sloped comp or slate roofs, don't experience as great a thermal shock as those that are welded into one giant bathtub. As they naturally shrink the membranes pull themselves off the perimeter flashing, penetrations, and walls. Seams in the middle of the roof experience stresses as wind, ground movement, and temperature changes banter the membranes about. yet the normal extreme is hot. now it is cold. Deep Yankee cold. Zero is pretty cold by even northern standards even if it is not forty below.

The bricks are actually expanding if they are moisture laden, the ground is doing the Watusi, and the inside is hot and humid, in direct conflict with the dynamics going on on the outside. Slam a few doors and run the heck out of the heating system and keep the humidity high.

As I said:rrrriiiipppp.

Come thaw day, which might be Thor day, or Thursday as we descendants of the Vandal culture have corrupted it, the relaxation of roof frigidity will bring a massive influx of roof leaks.

I'm not kidding. Any old coal tar pitch roofs will have fifteen foot rips, EPDM roofs will separate here and there, PVC roofs will fracture, and TPO roofs will find their weaknesses. There will be no exceptions on all roofs over 15 years old of any large scale.

The sound my office will hear will hear the next big rain will be "ring, ring, ring..."

Didn't I recommend annual inspections? Did you listen?

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