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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mumbarak Went Cheap On His Roof And He'll Dance For It

Saddam and Hosni both went cheap on their roofs and look where it got them. Saddam was executed and soon so will Hosni. Because he said he would quit after killing a few hundred more people for old times sake, he will be doing the Mussolini swing, a dance performed inverted from the end of a rope. This modern swing dance is credited with being the inspiration for hip hop dancing the world over.

Better roofs, capable of resisting whatever the local environment can throw at them, whether it be four inch hail stones or Stinger missiles, are available in every market. We use reinforced asphalt whereas the Egyptians use reinforced concrete. Sometimes we use leak protectors or better ventilation and they build theirs inside a mountain.

Despite the slight differences in techniques, the same testing logic prevails. So if you want to remain dictator of your home for more than a measly 30 years, we have a 50 year option that can keep you in control until the drool runs down your lip.

Just look how long the pyramids have lasted. They've lost track of the warranty a long time ago and their have been several property claims filed over the millennium too.

Today we have learned that all tyrants and kings, absolute rulers of their homes and homelands, should use a certified roofer with all the training and experience necessary to keep their abodes from falling into chaos.

Or they better go to Arthur Murray and practice.

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