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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Roofs And New Roofs In The Cold, a Rambling Blurt

Dallas seems to be defying the theory of Global Warming. Yes evolution is a theory. All are theories because the empirical proofs either has passed and only evidence remains or the theory has not been completed yet.

Dinosaurs in the past and warming in the future.

But it sure is cold, neither a proof nor disproof. Funny how the dictionary lists theory and hypothesis as antonyms for proof. They seem to be neutral and not opposite in meaning.

But it is cold and for the second year there is prolonged ice on the roofs in Dallas. Last year a foot of snow caused a lot of damage, even structural, but unless something was broken, the insurance companies denied every claim unless sued. It seems bending, bowing, and warping under weight was not covered.

Somebody needs to do something about them. A foot of wet snow can bend anything.

But it's cold and ice is on the roofs, again. Don't you think a little leak protector like Ice and Water,  WinterGuard, StormGuard, or WeatherWatch would have been a low cost investment to protect domestic tranquility?

Too late now buddy. You bought the slightly cheaper thing and now it can't do what it was supposed to do. You lost everything. Who was that preacher around 1900 who said the maxim of business is you can't get a lot for a little so if you decide to buy the cheaper thing, set some money aside to pay for what it can't do, and then you'll have enough to buy the better one?

Dallas Texas does more than get hot. Anyone outside today can blame those Packers and Steelers. They brought it with them to rub our collective noses in it. Let them live here for two years and they'll be wimpier than us, just like the other displaced Yankees who cry when it gets cold.  Don, one of our group, has decided to winter in Ecuador. He's from St. Louis and claims he's had his share of cold.

Is your roof ice dam proof? Remember, if the ice has melted on the body of your roof and not the overhang, the leak protector will help but you are improperly ventilated. You are not eliminated the warm humid air from your attic and it is melting the ice except on the overhangs. If you think a warm attic is a buffer, you are nuts. Once the heat is past your insulation it is gone and helping no one but your energy provider.

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