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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Do Dallas Roofers Want From the Upcoming Dallas Mayoral and City Council Elections

We, the Roofing Contractors of Dallas, in order to form a more perfect union, have several requests from our soon to be elected municipal office holders. So Angela Hunt, Dwaine Caraway, David Kunkle, Ron Natinsky, and all ya'll over in other cities and towns around Dallas and Fort Worth running for office please listen to this:

1)You want more revenue? Make it easy to get a building permit and pay for it on line like Irving and other cities. On insurance claims the insurance companies will reimburse us for the cost of a permit but not for the three or four hours it takes to drive downtown,deal with those slowpokes down at city hall, and drive back to the office. Nor do we get reimbursed for our gas or parking fees while we congest our roads and pollute our air.

2) Make roofers, and other home improvement contractors, post a bond with the city for clean up of abandoned job sites, road debris, repair to damaged roads and sewers by heavy trucks, and trash permits. We use roofing recyclers but not all roofing contractors are willing to go out of their way.

3) Have roofing companies working in Dallas place the city as a rider on their general liability insurance. If the contractor is uninsured he should not be permitted to be permitted.

4) The city should do criminal and civil background checks to make sure those purchasing permits are not a carpetbagging Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, or Henry Lee Lucas.

These four simple requests would offer some consumer protection that Texas refuses to do, increase revenue, free up the roads, keep the air cleaner, keep costs of road and sewer maintenance down, and lower crime.

So why does Dallas call the certificate it issues to contractors a Building License when the contractor doesn't have to know anything except how to sign his name to a check made payable to the City of Dallas?

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1 comment:

nat said...

How would liability insurance make anyone a better roofer?
Insurance protects the one who purchases it.

Mandatory auto insurance never made the roads safer. Envy is the driving force. "I pay insurance to protect myself. I am going to make everyone else get it so they have to pay, too".